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We build software that
builds better software.


Merly Mentor

Mentor is the world's first AI-driven code quality tool that reasons over the entire lifetime of a software repository.

Once it’s done, it begins working to make the software better.

How can we do this?

We start by calculating your Mentor Score: A credit score for your repository, based on lifetime trends in code security, contributor behavior, technical debt, and more.

In order to do this, 2-3 million LoC per second are analyzed on your commodity hardware using Mentor's proprietary AI model. Importantly, your code is never sent to our servers. The lifetime analysis also unlocks personalized guidance on repository management, identification of unusual code patterns, and even specific code fixes to the repository. 

Mentor Summaries

A credit report for code, including trend analysis, suggestions for how to better manage repository health, and contributor activity insights.

Lifetime Graphs

Reveal trends in code quality and contributor behavior.

Unusual Code Identification

Mentor flags unusual code patterns such as bugs, technical debt, and security vulnerabilities.

Mentor Insights

In depth technical analysis of problematic code, including multiple ways to improve the code, tailored to your preferences via reinforcement learning.

Supports 15 programming languages (and generalizes):

Mentor unlocks new potential in software quality.

Computationally Efficient:

Runs lifetime analysis on commodity hardware (yes, even your laptop).

Features for everyone: developers, managers, and executives

Identify weak links across your organization's entire codebase, and it's OSS supply chain.

Completely Private:
Your code never has to leave your firewall.

Runs (almost) Everywhere:

Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.

Always Improving:

Mentor continuously learns your intentions and behaviors via reinforcement learning.

Already Integrated:
Mentor can review GitHub PRs with CI/CD integration (and help make it's own).

"Merly Mentor is the future of software development.


CNCF is committed to fostering collaboration and growth in the cloud native ecosystem. Merly Mentor aligns with that mission by helping developers understand and maintain deeply complex code, ensuring that open source projects remain accessible and maintainable.


Mentor is a game-changer."

Taylor Dolezal

Head of Ecosystem Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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