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Merly Mentor

The world’s first autonomous AI software development agent

Mentor begins by deeply studying a code repository across its entire lifetime. Mentor considers more than just source code. Once it’s done, it begins working–entirely on its own–to make the software better.

Mentor’s AI code reasoning platform provides capabilities you won't find anywhere else.

Mentor understands code and explains it to developers so every level of the organization can better analyze, visualize, and reason about it in ways that help the entire project: code reviews, defect detection, security, performance issues, developmental trends, and more!

Code analysis on a lifetime scale–Mentor handles entire repositories with millions of lines of code

• Anomalies detected and tracked over the project’s whole history

• Issue detection from novel machine learning (ML) technology

Taking advantage of fully automated software systems, Mentor goes beyond anomaly detection

• Insights provided for any Issue from any point in time of the development process

• Rich experience for understanding anomalies and notable code fragments

Supports 15 programming languages (and generalizes):

Mentor doesn’t need a developer to tell it what to do.
It is the developer.


What is considered

a computationally intractable

feat for other AI systems

is fully obtainable for

Merly’s AI platform


Mentor learns intentions

and behaviors, enabling

it to autonomously do

work it independently

identifies as critical


Mentor’s proprietary

code understanding

system reveals how a

project has evolved

over it's lifetime


Mentor prepares a variety

of code solutions and

recommendations for

the dev team to review

and act upon

Mentor unlocks new potential in software quality.

With Mentor Insights and Mentor Summaries, Merly Mentor

provides capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.


Like a credit score, but for code. Mentor Summaries scores your repository’s health and provides rich insights and strategies for improvement.

This enables Mentor to not only evaluate quality across many dimensions, it also enables Mentor to provide guidance on how issues should be addressed. We aim for it to become the new standard on evaluating the trustworthiness of any software repo (especially open source software).


After identifying anomalies, using Merly’s multiple novel machine learning, programming language, data, and software systems, Mentor Insights provides multiple fully-automated explanations and revisions

for code corrections.

In addition: privacy controls and high-level analysis aim to reveal bugs, shed light

on security concerns, and minimize technical debt.

More about Merly Mentor

Optimized to run on-prem on commodity hardware

Fully self-supervised–no
human-defined labels or rules

Support for privacy–no external communication required to
use Merly Mentor

Features for everyone: developers, managers, and executives

Runs (almost) everywhere: PCs, tablets, and phones

Supports all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Iterative learning: continuous extension of models

Integrations and Customization

• GitHub, GitLab, and other git systems supported, including local version control;

CI/CD operational modes including reports

• Designed to work with multiple users, ready for collaboration within and in between teams

• Configurable as a Merly-hosted option or on-prem solution–custom domains, DNS support, company SMTP servers, and more

Privacy is the #1 priority

• On-prem options for local or remote git repositories, including private GitHub repos

• Discrete privacy controls for Mentor Insights: private, semi-private, and public recommendations and configurable privacy controls for feedback

• Robust privilege system allowing access control of features, views, and functions–by role and user

• Custom email notification settings using your own organization's servers

We build software that builds software.

Join others who are already using Merly Mentor!

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