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Merly's Leadership Team


Justin Gottschlich, PhD

Founder, CEO, & Chief Scientist
Adjunct Lecturer, Stanford University
Former Principal AI Scientist & Founder/Director of MPR, Intel Labs

Urs Muff

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer, &
Systems Architect

Former CTO of MindTouch
Former Sr. Staff Engineer, QualComm

Paul Gottschlich

Co-Founder, COO, & Head of QA 
Former Head of QA, Union Bank et al.

Core Engineering Team

Aditya Chandrasekar

Lead Machine Programming Researcher
BS in CS at UC San Diego
MS in CS at Stanford: AI Specialization
Prev. Research in machine learning

Canaan Chapman

Product Manager
10+ years product development on Nodeka

Brian Hill

CEO Chief of Staff &
Machine Programming Researcher

BS in Eng at UC Berkeley 
MS in Data Science at Stanford
Prev. AI Research in Andrew Ng's lab
Machine Programming Advisor
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania
Research in machine learning for systems and machine programming

Paul Scott

Tech Lead, Mentor Engineering &
Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

MS in CS at University of Pennsylvania
Recreational Dev: ML, Web, Software
Prev. Research in Programming Theory

Maya Srikanth

Machine Programming Researcher
BS in CS and Business at Caltech
MS in CS at Stanford: AI Specialization
Prev. AI research in Andrew Ng's lab, Apple



Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai, PhD

Founder & CEO,
Previously director at Uber, Intel, Google, and Facebook/Meta
Professor Alex Aiken-01.png

Prof. Alex Aiken, PhD

Alcatel-Lucent Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University
Former Chair of the Stanford Computer Science Department
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