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Merly Mentor (view demo)

Developers spend 70% of their time understanding code. Yet, code understandability tools don't exist. We're here to change that. Mentor helps developers understand, fix, and maintain deeply complex code. It also provides insight, tracking, and summarizations on code quality and trends over time. And we trained it on a trillion of lines of code. So, yeah - it's our mentor.

The future of software development begins with Merly Mentor. Try it for free today! 


“Mentor is the future of software development. [It] provides helpful code analysis capabilities and gives developers the insights they need to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code. Its graphs help teams stay on top of  code quality and trends. Mentor is a game-changer.


– Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (part of the Linux Foundation)

Install Merly Mentor

Use the following command on MacOS or Linux to start the installation process.

Use the following command on Windows (64bit) using cmd.exe (not PowerShell) to start the installation process.

Your code is never sent to our servers. Privacy is our #1 priority.

If your Windows installation fails, it may be related to SSL. You are welcome to try the following command which does not use SSL (we do not recommend generally removing SSL for curl, but it may be required in some limited cases, including this one.)

curl -LO --ssl-no-revoke -# && MerlyInstaller.exe install

By downloading Merly Mentor, you agree to Merly's End User License Agreement (EULA).

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